“Get Together” Coffee Mornings at LARCC

“Get Together” coffee morning is being held every Wednesday at 11 o’clock in at the LARCC Cancer Cancer Support Centre in Multyfarnham. In keeping with the ethos of the Centre to provide supportive environment for cancer patients and their families, the “Get Together” gives an opportunity to share experiences and have a chat with, as one of the regular attendants of the coffee morning described, “someone visited by cancer in one way or another”. The coffee morning is about getting out and about and meeting people; and if someone feels like busying with arts and crafts projects during the “Get Together” hour, they are very welcome to do so.

Recovery, positivity and wellbeing are the vibe of the gatherings that also offer an open and safe space to talk about all aspects of cancer. Cancer sufferers, survivors, cancer patient’s carers and family members are very welcome to come in for a coffee morning, visit the LARCC Centre and find out more about the services, therapies and courses that the centre offers.

See you at 11 o’clock!