Cancer Support Sanctuary LARCC Gift Vouchers

Cancer Support Sanctuary LARCC Gift Vouchers are the practical gift idea when you want to do something to support your loved one who is going through cancer, or indeed is being affected by cancer of a loved one.

If your friend has cancer and is already a client of  Cancer Support Sanctuary LARCC, he/she can use your gift voucher towards extra sessions of whatever service they are already availing of at LARCC, be it one to one counselling or healing therapies.

If your friend has cancer and is not already a client at LARCC, he/she can come for an initial assessment with one of our nurses how will explain the support services he/she can avail of and once usual GP consent forms are signed the gift voucher can be used to avail of his/her preferred support service.

If your friend is supporting someone at here that has cancer you can give them a Cancer Support Sanctuary LARCC gift voucher and again after initial consultation with a nurse, LARCC  will be happy to offer support services to them.

All new clients at Cancer Support Sanctuary LARCC are entitled to five free sessions of professional support services for LARCC, either one to one counselling or therapies.

Your gift voucher will mean that your friend can avail of a number of extra sessions at LARCC to aid in their relaxation sense of retreat and recovery.

Please Phone us for more details on 044 93 71971