What does LARCC stand for in the name Cancer Support Sanctuary LARCC?

LARCC stands for Lakeland Area Retreat and Cancer Centre, which was the original name of the charity before being renamed Cancer Sanctuary.

Where do your clients come from?

The Centre is open to everyone – the Call-in Service clients tend to be travel from within an 80km radius, however Residential Programmes welcome clients from all across Ireland.

How much does it cost to attend the Centre?

After the initial free consultation visit with one of our Nurses, the ‘call in’ clients agree to a series of 5 therapy sessions and/or 8 counselling sessions, which are FREE of charge. After that, there is a tiered donation system in place which is explained to everyone on their first visit.

The cost for the residential Take a Break Week is €395.  This can be paid in a number of ways.  Some clients who are already attending the local support centre in their own area can sometimes be sponsored by their local support group to attend.  Gift vouchers can be purchased to send a loved one.


Are you a Hospice?

The Centre is not a Hospice, we provide psychotherapy and support to Cancer sufferers we do not provide ‘end of life’ nursing care.

How many people live at the centre

Whilst the Centre has living accommodation, The Centre is only ‘lived in’ when a residential course is being delivered.

Where do you get your money from?

LARCC is a registered Charity therefore to continue the work of the Centre we have to continually raise funds to continue. If you would like to participate in fundraising, sponsor and event, or have a fund raising idea please contact a member of the LARCC team.

Why is the Centre not located at a hospital?

The work of the centre compliments hospital care but does not require us to be located in close proximity.

What is the food like?

During Residential Week the Centre has a full time chef on duty providing healthy home cooked food, the produce used is often locally sourced and where possible is organically grown. All meals are tailored to client’s preferences and all dietary requirements are catered for.

What is ‘Group Discussion’?

Group process is group therapy facilitated by an experienced counsellor.

You’ll meet and interact with people, and the whole group learns to work on shared problems, which is one of the most beneficial aspects of group process. You will discover that within this safe environment, other members of the group share your thoughts and feelings,. The role of the counsellor is to facilitate this process.

See more details in “Residential / Take a Break week

Can anyone attend the Centre?

Yes, if they have been affected by cancer in any way, either as a patient or a friend or family member who has had Cancer. Any member of the public who has been affected by cancer are encouraged to make contact.