Larcc Story

Ita’s memorial tree at Multyfarnham

The LARCC Centre was the inspiration and design of the late Ita Bourke who, after being diagnosed with cancer, travelled to an established centre in England for therapy and support. This period of care showed Ita that there was a great need in Ireland for a similar service and she made it her driving ambition to set up a Centre.

Ita and co-founders Frank Russell and Karen Daly met in 2000 as a result of their shared diagnosis.

For almost two years they became involved in fundraising, volunteer work and research in the area of psychological support for cancer patients.

Ita Bourke, founder of the Larcc Centre

After much preparation and with the help of their families, friends and business associates, the LARCC Centre was opened in November 2002. The LARCC Centre  continues to grow and expand its services led by a team of dedicated nurses, therapists, counsellors and administrators.