“Thank you all so much for your help and support, everything changed from the day we walked into the centre, you are doing such a wonderful job! Thanks so much for everything!”

“The staff are wonderful and doing an excellent job. Keep up the good work and may God shower his blessings on each and everyone of you. You have given me the key to unlock the trap and safety barriers I had erected around my broken self. I want to be free and you helped me achieve it.”

“The staff showed such so much feeling and love and made me feel so very very welcome, for which I shall be eternally grateful.”

“My time here has been such an enormous help to me, Debbie has been absolutely brilliant and I really could not praise her enough. Her knowledge support and comfort was always there when I needed it she is truly dedicated to her work.”

“From my very first telephone contact with the centre I felt a great feel good factor! You are doing a wonderful job here keep it up. I felt supported, encouraged very well fed. I am returning to Cork stronger, more relaxed with so many new ideas. – from visualisation, tai chi, breathing exercises reiki and reflexology, each area was of the highest standard. The recipe book is just what I wanted. Thank you all for caring so much.”

“It really was an excellent week, impossible without all the loving kindness I received from everyone. I’ve never had a week like it. Thank you so much”