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The unique Lazarus Forum offers inspiration and encouragement to cancer patients by raising the awareness of cancer survivability by those who have experienced it. By empowering cancer survivors to express their thoughts on cancer in this public forum, current patients can access valuable information from long term survivors and thus have another source of hope in facing their own cancer.

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Frank’s Story

Being diagnosed with a cancer is literally an unforgettable event in ones life. In my story, this event occurred not once but twice, although by the second diagnosis, my sense of shock was not as numbing, as I was by then better informed about the effects of cancer through my association with LARCC. I was […]

Emma’s Story

Waking up on Monday morning, most of us wouldn’t choose to begin our week with ten hours of radical surgery. Especially when you’re not the person being paid to wear the hospital scrubs while brandishing the scalpel. But that’s just what I chose to do in 2006 at the age of thirty-four despite many doctors […]

Lorcán’s Story

‘Always look on the bright side of Life (from Monty Python) From: A Faire to Remember by Eric Idle The following words can be read with great hope, and with the expectation of better things to come – no matter what slings and arrows life throws in one’s direction: Some things in life are bad They […]

Rosaleen’s Story

In 2010 I was living in Germany and on a sunny Sunday I was getting into the shower when I noticed a “crease“ on my breast. The crease was smaller than the knuckle on my little finger. Two days later I went to the doctor. I had a mammogram. The next day I had a […]

Harry’s Story

I retired from the army in 1998 and was in very good health. I was born in Skibbereen ,West Cork and always went back there on holidays. Coming up to retirement I got the urge to return and either buy or build a retirement home there. Against all the advise I got at a retirement […]

Catherine’s Story

Many times I have been asked to write about my illness but I never felt able. I kept all the happenings in my head, the good and bad experiences. My children gave me a recipe book for mother’s day but I didn’t keep recipes in it. Instead, I began to write down my thoughts often […]

Rita’s Story

In 2003 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Up to that point all was well, my family were grown and all out working and I had given up work to provide full time care for my 92 year old mother, who had come to live with us 2 years earlier. There were some difficulties of […]

Paul’s Story

As I looked around me in the hospital ward I felt like a fraud. There were a lot of very sick people here and I didn’t look or feel sick at all. As far as I was concerned I was only in here on a technicality. I was to be given a drug called Rituximab […]

Kevin’s Story

An Imperfect Storm by Kevin Haugh An Imperfect Storm: You only realise what it is like when you have been there, (Kevin Haugh 2015) 2004 was a momentous year in my life. On 20th January, I had the privilege of welcoming the then President, Mary McAleese, to the school. It was a great honour for […]

Robert’s Story

I had finished a 16 mile run on a Sunday suffering a head cold complete with typical swollen lymph nodes in my neck. Went to see my GP on Tuesday to help me rid it; made him nervous (he didn’t tell me at the time) so he sent me for a CT scan right away. […]