Bereavement Programmes

Bereavement Support - helping you deal with grief

Bereavement Support – helping you deal with grief


Bereavement Support Programme – LARCC offers a six week ‘Bereavement Support Programme’ to the general public. The programme is facilitated by an accredited counsellor (IACP) from the LARCC Centre.



These programme are open to people who have been bereaved regardless of the nature of the bereavement. Participants of the programme will also have the opportunity to avail of complementary therapies provided by the Centre. There is no fee for the bereavement Support programme.

The death of someone close to us can be one of the most painful experiences to bear, leading to many difficult emotions such as despair, guilt, anger, loneliness all of which need to be expressed in a safe , confidential and empathic environment. We at LARCC provide such an environment to help participants on the programme to move through the grieving process, to understand and recognise the normality of the grieving process. We will support participants to develop coping mechanisms to deal with their grief and to find the strength to move forward in their lives.

For further information regarding the next Bereavement Support Programme please contact us or view the calendar on our home page to see next programme dates