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Sanctuary Stay Residential Programme

The purpose of the 3 night residential programme is to take clients on a personal journey of relaxation, reflection and recovery by skilled therapists, nurses and counsellors. The variety of therapies on offer and the ambiance of the Centre provides the clients with the opportunity to discuss issues in a relaxed environment with staff members and other attendees. This is a well attended service and takes clients from across Ireland.

A Typical Stay

Typical activities on the residential programme include:


Arrive MondayBedroom Twin

  • Arrive and meet over lunch following by group counselling.
  • Evening: Dinner followed by group meditation/gentle Yoga


  • Morning: Breakfast followed by Group session with course facilitator.
  • Afternoon: Lunch followed by relaxing one to one Complementary therapy
  • Evening: Cookery Class


  • Morning:Breakfast followed by trip to Belvedere House & Gardens.
  • Afternoon: Lunch followed by relaxing one to one Complementary Therapy.
  • Evening: Supper followed by free evening. 

Depart Thursday

Home cooked food at LARCC

Home cooked food at LARCC

  • Morning: Breakfast followed by  Group closing session.

 What does the group process involve?

Group process is group therapy led by an experienced counsellor.  In “group-process” you learn that perhaps you are not as different as you think you are, or that you are not alone. You will meet and interact with people, and the whole group learns to work on shared problems, which is one of the most beneficial aspects of group process. The group process encourages mutual support, cooperation, identification and encouragement. The role of the counsellor is to facilitate this process while supporting the shared goal of open, honest communication where thoughts and feelings can be expressed.

Most people find that group process provides a great deal of relief because it allows them the chance to talk with others who are experiencing similar problems in a private, confidential setting. Many people who have experience group process believe that working together with others is helpful and that they feel better by participating in this form of group work.

Group process really does provide support, caring and friendship among the participants.

What to do next?

If you would like to attend any of our courses please check for availability and future course dates in our Events calendar on the homepage.

Alternatively you can download the Booking Form (below) and post it to us.  Clients coming on a residential stay will also need to complete a Dietary Needs Sheet which is available to download below.

Contact us if you have any queries or for more information on our residential programmes.